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What is "Grand Toit"?

The Shimane Arts Center is a nationally prominent facility that was born in response to impassioned requests of the Shimane citizens to build an establishment in the Iwami Region that serves as both a museum of art and a theater.

Its nickname "Grand Toit", in its original French means "large roof". On that large roof and walls of the center have been used the Sekishu tiles that inherit the traditions and culture of the Iwami area. The characteristic red hue of these tiles shines on the stores and houses that line the street, and it is certain that they are a symbol of this area's development.

As a shrine for the prefecture's arts and culture, the center endeavors to act as a place for the creation of new culture while cherishing the history and natural spirit of the region. At the same time, this center offers the opportunity for everyone to appreciate the excellent art and culture of Japan and the world.

Shimane Arts Center

Construction Outline

The courtyard is surrounded by the Large Hall, the Small Hall and the Art Museum. The tile (Sekishu-gawara) used for the roof and outside walls were specially created for Shimane Arts Center by the local tile industry.

[Site Area] 36,564.16m²
[Building Area] 14,068.15m²
[Total Floor Area] 19,252.45m²
[Scale] One basement and Two stories
[Structure] Reinforced concrete, Precast concrete, Steel frame
[Design] Naito Archtect & Associates